Head Teacher: Mrs D Donkin

St Thomas More R.C. Academy
Lynn Road
North Shields
Tyne and Wear
NE29 8LF


Telephone numbers

Headteacher and Chair of Governors

Please contact via Mrs L McArdle

(Clerk to the Governors)

0191 2588360

Main School number 0191 2588340
Fax number 0191 2588389
Years 7-9 Absence number 0191 2588354
Years 10 & 11 Absence number 0191 2588373
Sixth Form Absence number 0191 2588370
Staff Absence number 0191 2588348


You are always welcome at the school, and we would encourage you to make contact if you wish to discuss your child with us. If at all possible, please telephone or write before coming, so that we can arrange the most suitable time with the most appropriate member of staff.

Often the person who will get to know your child best will be the Head of Year or Head of Upper/Lower School. If you wish to contact us about your child, the Head of Year will usually be the first point of contact



Mrs D Donkin


Mr D Watson

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs K Gammack

Director of Learning

Mrs M Barber

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs S Bunyan

Assistant Headteacher

Mr M Henderson

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs R Kilkenny

Assistant Headteacher

Miss P Ronan

Assistant Headteacher

Ms P Breen

Director of Finance



Mrs L McArdle

PA to Headteacher

Head of Governance

Mrs L Lafferty

Office Manager

Mr A Lake

ICT Network Manager

Mrs J Attwell

Home School Liaison Officer (Upper School)

Mrs D Thirlkettle

Home School Liaison Officer (Lower School)

Mrs J Murphy

Home School Liaison Officer (Post 16)


Pastoral Team

Mrs S Bunyan

Pastoral Leader

Miss L Hagan

Head of Year 7

Mr J Butler

Head of Year 8

Mr C Brindle

Head of Year 9

Mr P Flynn

Head of Year 10

Mrs D Hallam

Head of Year 11

Mrs G Borwick

Head of Year 12

Mr A Burnett

Head of Year 13

Mrs C Wright

School Counsellor

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